My BIG Punjabi Wedding

I may or may not have been busy because of this :]

June Fans of the Month & 800+ Followers!

I am so sorry guys I have been so busy! But I just logged in to the biggest surprise. I have more than 800 followers! Thank you so so so much!

My 800th follower was: not-your-cup-of-chai <3


AND it is also time for JUNE fans of the month! So i just decided to combine it all in one post to make it easier! Here are my 4 biggest fans of June:

1. blackneons4lyfe

2. skaurrb

3. cupcakegirl93

4. sikhest-kuri

I’m going to start posting really soon… I mean it this time!

Love you guys!


700+ Followers!

Thank you so much guys! Last night I went over 700 followers.

I promise to start blogging more lol :)

700th follower was: mahparalodhi



Reblog if you think i need to blog more.

May Fans of the Month!

It’s that time again my lovelies! Time to announce the 4 biggest fans of May! Here they are:

1. naashiahnaashiah

2. preetbhatti

3. sikhest-kuri

4. divyazt22

Congrats to you four! <3

For those who have been wondering, yes I will pick up my blogging game really soon! Just been a little busy and had a death in my family. I have so many pictures saved up, just no time to post!

Bye for now! :)